Be a data-driven company today

To be data-driven is to put at your disposal the strategic and differentiating power of data intelligence in every area of your company.

Starting today you will be able to:

Open new sources of income.

Build user loyalty with key, actionable information.

Customize products and services.

Drastically reduce and optimize inventories.

Streamline operations in all areas.

Boost productivity and encourage innovation.

Be more resource efficient.

To be data-driven is to take advantage of the full potential of data for decision-making.

Storage designed to host powerful business insights

Companies of all sizes that are generating business value are doing so thanks to a data strategy. 

Data lakes are highly scalable data management solutions, supporting large volumes of data and supporting multiple sources:

  • CRM
  • Excel
  • SAP
  • IoT devices
  • On Premise
  • Another cloud
  • Multiple databases
In ARKHO we have specialists in data management, to analyze, process big data, and use Machine Learning in real-time.

Develop your data warehouse!

Make decisions with better quality information, optimize costs and transform the culture of your organization.

As the heart of data storage, the warehouse must have the technology and standards that the new business challenges are demanding.


Data Analytics on Amazon Web Services

ARKHO leverages the Amazon Web Services cloud to build data analytics solutions and services in the cloud. AWS offers the broadest, most open, and standard set of services on the market, providing a secure context for processing, high performance, and transparent costs for the business while leveraging the maximum value of the data.

The rules of the game changed.

We accompany you to build a continuous data processing system for:

  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Finding immediate operational efficiencies
  • Transforming the customer experience

Achieve true organizational transformation at every step of your company with timely, data-driven, business-sensitive decisions.