Power Plant Operating Status Platform Power Generating Plants

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    National Electric Coordinator
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    Industrial / Energy
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    Santiago, Chile
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    Application modernization
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The Operating Status Platform of the National Electric Power Coordinator allows to trace the operating status records of the generating units of the electric system and the calculation of the main indexes that will enable to determine the Sufficiency Power (capacity of a system to supply the peak-to-peak demand) and the generation unavailability indexes.

Business challenges

The Coordinator must keep a record of the operating status of the power supply of the generating units. To make this record, they compiled the information from multiple sources and performed complex manual processing, making extensive use of spreadsheets. complex manual processing, making extensive use of spreadsheets to resolve critical information. to resolve critical information. On the other hand, the quality of the information, processing time and access to the processing time and access to information are major challenges associated with the implementation of this platform. associated with the implementation of this platform.
Arkhotech proposed the creation of a system accessible to generating companies, which would facilitate the The system would facilitate the process of calculation, traceability and review of the main indicators that affect the Sufficiency Power and Generation Unavailability. With this platform the Coordinator could:


Our solution consisted in the construction of a data exploration platform, which enables the management of large volumes of information in a Data Lake, and that through an administrative web interface allows the loading, visualization and generation of calculations, as well as the consultation of the Operating States of the generating plants, and generation of calculations, as well as the consultation on the Operational States of the power generating plants. power plants.
The data sources of the application are combined between Excel templates, APIs and databases, which are stored (RAW Layer) and processed (Staging Layer) using Apache NiFi. The information is consolidated in a PostgreSQL RDS database which operational model of the system. The web application is built as a static Angular site accelerated with CloudFront and accessible through authentication with Cognito. The backend layer, contemplates a micro-services architecture, developed in Flask with Python, orchestrated and scalable using Amazon EKS. Data processing is visible to the user in a control panel that integrates in a control panel that integrates with notifications via SES.


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