Automating energy digitalization in Chile

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    National Electric Coordinator
  • Industry
    Industrial / Energy
  • Location
    Santiago, Chile
  • Use Case
    Application modernization
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The National Electric Coordinator is in charge of ensuring the access of companies in Chilean territory to the National Energy System. This makes our client a key player in the country's growth by ensuring that energy sector regulations are complied with in all market segments.

Business challenges

Part of our client's responsibilities are related to providing a consistent process to ensure open access to the energy grid in Chile. To ensure compliance with open access, the Chilean government has created laws and policies that are under the administration of our client. These regulations are key to ensuring similar opportunities for all market players.
The case for using an automated, DevOps and serverless computing approach opened up as the company was willing to change the traditional approach to operation and implementation:


The focus of automation technology is mainly on two different factors: automated infrastructure and backend deployment.
The first phase is to solve the problem of provisioning the environment, for which templates were created to deploy the entire infrastructure. In addition to the infrastructure, all DevOps resources for automation are also deployed to ensure maximum portability.
Modern application in serverless computing, optimizing business costs to the maximum.
The second phase involves the implementation of the application backend, which is mostly developed through Lambda functions and successfully models a serverless application using AWS Lambda and API Gateway. Deployment operations are performed via CI/CD and coordinated using cloud formation templates and AWS CodePipeline.
Finally, a Blue / Green implementation pattern was selected to ensure maximum service availability.

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Alejandro Lillo

CEN Technology Project Manager