Centralization of sales data

Empresas SB is a holding company composed of twelve subsidiaries in the health sector, Its companies include Salcobrand, Preunic, and Make Up. It has approximately 10,000 employees and almost 500 points of sale throughout the country.

Business challenges

SB Companies had a BI infrastructure that needed to be optimized, data mining and transformation was not data extraction and transformation were not optimal and used too many man-hours for processing. man-hours for processing.

Main business challenges

Empresas SB was seeking to initiate a process of adopting cloud technologies that would support the creation of a strategy for technologies that would support the creation of a strategy for the governance of its data, which would data that would allow a better use for different business models.
For Empresas SB, it took a long time to get to see the logistics data, operation, and sales data. It needed to know:
In addition, the information needed to build accurate KPI's for sales was not available, limiting the use of information for business and predictive models and intelligence.


The integration of the teams of Empresas SB and Arkho was key to the achievement of a common goal, the areas linked by the client, such as Security, Infrastructure, BI and business, were key to ensure that the stakeholders of the project stakeholders had a high degree of involvement in the process.
One of the key points of the process was the early start of proofs of concept for the data ingestion process from productive bases, a rather complex procedure for an organization that wanted to have its data as close to real-time as possible and that allowed us to generate work tables together with AWS to solve critical problems of service limits. Once the loading procedure was solved, we experimented and modernized the data process and built a reference architecture for maximum future effectiveness.


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