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    Data Analytics
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Universidad San Sebastián is an educational institution that provides professional training in Chile. With a total of 4 campuses throughout the country and more than 25,000 students, the university is developing various initiatives to improve its management and decision-making. The university's educational project emphasizes a formative approach capable of welcoming a diversity of students, in the heart of a university community that contributes with an academically valid process, linked to the environment and oriented to the achievement of integral, competent, and supportive graduates.

Business challenges

It is in this context that Universidad San Sebastián considered the need to generate an integrated vision of management and key indicators for the different teams and constituent areas of the institution:


An integrated team was formed between USS and Arkhotech, supporting business information transversally for different units of the institution such as enrollment, teaching load, billing, evaluations, and follow-up. An integrated work approach was used to continuously detect needs and solve them through analytical data models, large-scale data transformation and enrichment processes, and business intelligence visualization tools.
Landscape for data analytics at USS
Part of the success and subsequent growth strategy for USS was based on the creation of a Data Lake for loading and governance of the institution's information in an automated process prepared for the university's situation. Through distributed information processes, prepared for scalability and efficiency, it is possible to obtain updated data catalogs in different analytical models optimized for management and enriching the data for consumption. Finally, the possibility of using the information in BI tools and dashboards was ensured by exposing the data to standard technologies.


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