Innovative solutions for all private industries

Companies are evolving. 

We have created new ways to migrate you to the cloud with technological support that adapts to the needs of any industry to give strategic value to your business.

A new Retail with data

Implements a data analytics solution designed exclusively for retail with unique competitive advantages:

Know each customer's habits and create personalized experiences.

Create campaigns with measurable real-time performance

Make decisions with quantitative and qualitative information.

Mitigate operational and financial risks through detailed forecasting

Maintain control and full visibility of inventories

Combining analytics solutions with a cloud architecture designed for this industry allows you to meet fluctuations in demand, process transactions smoothly and mitigate stock-outs.

Optimize your daily operations and maximize your profit margins.

How to achieve an ideal architecture?

A cloud structure enables companies in the financial sector:


Substantially reduce infrastructure and maintenance and maintenance


Work collaboratively and flexibly by allowing access to information from any location


Easily adapt to changing market needs, without investing in new equipment


Increasing security and resilience by offering effective backups and solutions for any eventuality.

Hand in hand with infrastructure, data analytics is enabling financial institutions to monitor their customers' behavior, improve their customer experience, gain insights about the stock markets and increase their efficiency.

Experiences in the private sector

Providing technology for the analysis of key business information.
Fast, high-value business insights with cloud datawarehouse modernization solutions.
Centralization of sales data.

Other industries

Whether you are a major player in the mining sector or a manufacturing specialist, we support your ultimate transformation.

The cloud provides agility to all types of businesses, making it possible to access critical information from any location and across work teams

At ARKHO we are experts in the creation of customized intelligence environments for your business with the objective of achieving greater efficiency in your operational line.

We also modernize applications to work in this new environment and facilitate the digital transformation of your company.

Finally, we implement analytics tools to help you make much better decisions, based on data and not on assumptions.