Intelligent solutions for all public industries

Companies are evolving. 

We have accompanied public institutions in their process of transformation and adoption of cloud technologies for the modernization of their processes.

- Store all types of data at a low cost, with easy access and actionable visibility.

- Use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to process large amounts of data, without errors.

- Facilitating collaboration among professionals for better results

- Comply with local and international privacy and security regulations.

We guide the way to Intelligent Health

In the health sector, decisions can be life or death. That is why it is essential to have intelligent technological support that allows.

We support new educational models with technology

The education industry has changed dramatically. Institutions at all levels are undergoing urgent digitization processes, with the implementation of cloud architecture at the core.

In ARKHO we support you in to:

Implement data analytics tools to optimize institutional performance and reduce attrition.

Creating robust and secure platforms to store sensitive student and teacher information

Maintain up-to-date and accurate records of all points of the educational process with transparency and security.

Reduce costs across the organization's entire operating horizon and dispense with hardware

ARKHO guides you in creating an intelligent infrastructure that will be your competitive advantage.

Making the Public Sector and Government more efficient

The world's governments face the challenge of getting closer to citizens in an agile and proactive way. How can we support you?


We create and conceptualize the development of new services for citizens.


Increase efficiency levels and reduce costs in the operation of applications.


Facilitate data recovery in critical cases.


Enable collaboration between offices, departments, and employees, ensuring agility, transparency, and simplicity.

Experiences in the public sector

Automating the digitalization of energy in Chile.
Providing intelligent chatbots for education in Chile.
Providing automation in the cloud to help in the fight against cancer
Key management indicators in the institution.
Power Generating Plant Operating Status Platform.

Other industries

Whether you are a major player in the mining sector or a manufacturing specialist, we support your ultimate transformation.

The cloud provides agility to all types of businesses, making it possible to access critical information from any location and across work teams

At ARKHO we are experts in the creation of customized intelligence environments for your business with the objective of achieving greater efficiency in your operational line.

We also modernize applications to work in this new environment and facilitate the digital transformation of your company.

Finally, we implement analytics tools to help you make much better decisions, based on data and not on assumptions.