Lowering cloud costs and controlling security is possible with nOps

The leading observability platform on AWS.

ARKHO, through the nOps platform, allows streamlining workloads on AWS, improving productivity, optimizing costs and visualizing opportunities for improvement.
nOps is the only cloud infrastructure management and intelligent control platform that has been purpose-built with the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework cloud systems architecture model in mind and optimized for DevOps teams that need to be able to intervene with maximum agility.
With nOps, cloud infrastructure management will provide the right information at the right time for decision-making and control over the operation, streamlining workloads on AWS, improving productivity, optimizing costs, and visualizing opportunities for improvement.
● Evaluates cloud workloads centrally.

● Supports automation processes (DevOps DNA).

● Optimizes infrastructure based on discovery.

● Tools, scripts, APIs & Processes that help standardization.

● Detects underutilized and unusable instances.

● Helps determine appropriate scale (Rightsizing).

● Allows you to generate cost notifications and alerts.

● Detection of security vulnerabilities and access

● Weekly usage reports.

● Well-architected Reviews on demand and integrated.

Continuous Optimization of Spending and Resources

● Utility cost savings between 18 and 50%.

Visibility and change management

● Keep track of changes by users, resources and events.

Rules under the AWS Well-Architected Framework model.

● Keep track of all changes to your workload under the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

● Security dashboard and predefined or tailored security rules to ensure compliance with industry policies and best practices.

Focus your efforts with ARKHO, we will help you build the framework for good architecture in your organization.